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Terms and conditions of use as intended by section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/99).

These terms and conditions of use are valid as of 1 January 2015.

Keeper of the register

Kylmämaan Ohjelmat Oy / Kylmämaa Tours
Mauri Kylmämaa
Business ID: 0750006-7
Hotellintie 4

FI-95980 Ylläsjärvi

Tel. +358 400 397 484  

Customer register of Kylmämaa Tours

Details about the customer are entered into the customer register when the customer books a tour on our website.

Content of the register

The register saves at least the following information:

  • Name given by the customer
  • Address given by the customer
  • Telephone number given by the customer
  • Email address

Includes any possible further information entered by the customer on various functions of the website.

Use of the register

The personal data contained in the customer register is used in communicating with customers when there is the need for further information, in communications related to the maintaining of customer data, or if the customer has ordered the newsletter.

Sources of information for the register

The customer details contained in the register are made when the customer books a tour on our website or if the customer has requested additions to be made.

Transfer of the register

The customer register is confidential and shall only be accessed by the maintainer of the website. The register shall not be transferred or sold to any third party. Third parties can be used for the processing of information, in which case the information in question is assigned to a third party at the responsibility of the maintainer of the website.

Holding the register

The register is held in a Finnish-owned, password-protected database server. The maintainer of the register undertakes to maintain the data security level of the register by always updating the service to the more data secure version or otherwise ensure the security of the database. The maintainer of the website shall be allowed to keep a backup copy of the register in such a place that has no outside access.

Checking of data

Upon request, the customer has the right to inspect his/her own personal data held in the register. The customer also has the right to update this information via the website. The customer must contact the maintainer of the website for the checking of data.

Right of refusal

The customer has the right to request for his/her information to be removed from the register by sending a removal request by email or by sending a signed request to the postal address of the register holder.

Kylmämaa Tours

Hotellintie 4
FI-95980 Ylläsjärvi


+358 400 397 484


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